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Monday, January 7, 2008

AppleCrypt Mods

Seeing as I've nothing new to post on this blog, I thought I'd mention my main web site that i've managed now for quite some time: AppleCrypt Mods. This is my digital baby that I've put many hours into for a few years now.
Basically, I convert many PC first person shooter (fps) modifications (mods) and single player maps (sp).
Almost all mods and sp maps are made by Windows people that know nothing of the Mac gamer. To make matters worse, their work often comes as an EXE file! Plus there could also be source code that needs to be compiled..  It's no wonder that Mac users never bothered (or never even knew) you could mod your favourite game!
Modding is cool. It allows you to change many aspects of a game, like the weapons or sound effects for example. Then there are the sp maps to test out, why re-play all the maps within the game when there's often a wealth of choice just waiting to be discovered on the internet?!!
Ok, so long story short. AppleCrypt Mods makes sure these mods & sp maps work on our Macs, for fps games like Doom3, Battlefield 1942, Soldier of Fortune 2, Quake 4 and many more. Check out our downloads server, there's thousands of surprises awaiting you!.
Please spread the word of AppleCrypt Mods!!!

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