St George’s Church .. Iraq

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

country walks

country walks by AppleCrypt
country walks, a photo by AppleCrypt on Flickr.

Looks like there's quite a few tools and plugins available for Photoshop that create that lovely digital painterly look and feel. I've seen one that does lovely watercolour - like fx to your photographs (the name escapes me atm!)

So... what do you do when you're poor and cannot afford these juicy plugins for PS? (and by PS I really me PSE v9) lol

Well, you get to work and create your own! Or try....I'm no Photoshopper expert but I do enjoy having a play with filters and textures in layers.

Here is the first of a small run of painterly images I've created. The next is more textured and the one after will be a more oil-like painting..... as and when I get chance to upload :)

Any comments or tips on this topic gratefully appreciated!