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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Canadian adventures

A good friend of mine "recently" sent me a couple of pictures of his family on vacation around the Province of Alberta, Canada. As you can see from this superb snap, this looks to be a wonderful place on the planet. So beautiful and I do hope he doesn't mind me posting this picture!

We would love to visit Canada in the coming years, maybe when our little KJ is a few more years older though. Somehow I don't think it'll be worthwhile at this time (not that we can afford it! lol)

I've always fancied Alberta, British Columbia and the Alaskan State. This would make a fantastic road trip over a couple of months. Sounds like a plan !

Starting to save.... ;-)


  1. Hey that reminds me of a place I went to once! It's practically the same place! The mountain at the far end of the picture is in the US. Nice blog site. Did you do this all by phone? If so...pretty amazing. Got a good laugh at a few of the bottom headlines! You crazy Englishman!

  2. heh thanks mate - though i must apologize for making you wait so long for a reply lol my bad!