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Thursday, October 8, 2009

AppleCrypt Mods

AppleCrypt Mods
is now officially DEAD !!

I'm sorry folks, but I'm pretty sure you all figured this out for yourselves by now! My time simply isn't available anymore, we've now got two little ones that see to that! Something had to give and the little free-time I get now is usually spent with my photography hobby & flickr.

I'd like to personally thank Gumby for everything this guys done for me and AppleCrypt Mods. I'm sure I would have given up long ago if it wasn't for this great guy! I would also like to thank Monoman that came to our rescue after File Front deleted 80+ GB of mods from our old server!

Without these two guys - AppleCrypt Mods would never have lasted as long as it did! Trust me, it's often been hard work and I've wanted to end it a couple of times. So, a massive thank you to you two - always appreciated :-)

FWIW, you can still access the old website here. This contains all the links to everything I got around to re-uploading (after the File Front incident!).

Of course, I would also like to thank you guys reading this! It's always been wonderful to hear back from everyone that ever found a mod or single player map enjoyable. What a great feeling knowing that you've helped the Mac gaming world! ;o)

So, to recap... don't forget to click the link above! All the mods and maps available here should still download and work dandy. Also, please continue to check this blog now and then - I'll use it too post my amateur photography!

So, on behalf of Strider ~ AppleCrypt Mods,
I say a big-bang-thank-you too everyone and a sad goodbye.