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Saturday, February 2, 2008

A real winter

Snow! At last winter finally arrives. Yesterday it started to snow a little and this morning it was everywhere :-) I decided to get up early (yeah like I've an option with a baby these days!) and take the dog out for a good walk.

Snow everywhere! And moments after taking this snapshot it started to fall from the sky. It was like a blizzard. We make the most of winter here, when it finally decides to arrive. Why? Well, we never seem to get a good cold icy season anymore. If we do wake up to a white world then it's usually gone later that same day and then it's another year to wait.. sigh..

Not like my good friend from Canada. They've just returned from a fantastic vacation in the South West, USA and returned to -27 temperatures! WOW :o

Well, I'm back home now and I decided to amend this blog a little. After all, it's not too good typing on the cell phone the best of times and today is even worse when it's cold. But guess what? The sun is out and the sky's (for once!) are blue. Bet you the snow has gone by the afternoon...


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