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Sunday, February 26, 2012

sunny days

sunny by Steve_Gregory
sunny, a photo by Steve_Gregory on Flickr.

This image was shot during our walk of Helsby's Woodland Park. It's a small woods sitting in between lots of wealthy people's homes and they've got the old quarry tunnels to view. Pretty interesting.

What really made the day was the weather, it was February and it was nice and sunny - warm enough not to wear a jacket. Yes folks, this really was in England!

Shooting into the sun is always a little hit & miss but I think I got this composed quite nicely with just enough of the sun poking through the trees.

I made no crop and adjusted the highlights slightly. Increased the contrasts and changed the white balance to make everything look a little "richer".

I think it looks pretty cool considering the very few adjustments processed! Hope you agree :)