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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Trailer Park Boys

I've recently discovered this incredible new show on Paramount Comedy channel.

It's Canadian and based at a fictiona trailer park in Nova Scotia. It's kinda reminding me of the awesome show My Name is Earl but with the extra zaniness of an English made sitcom. This is a great show!

Apparently, it's been running since 2001 and the final season was made about a year ago. But, that's UK television for you. Late, as always!

Of course, someone will tell me it's been running for years on another channel... So I shall get out from this box and say a big thank you to the Paramount channel for airing this show. Also, I have set my cable box to record every episode! :-)

For more information, see the official homepage and click onto channel 132 if you're also on Virgin Media's cable.