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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The making of Doom !

I have just seen this RSS posting from Inside Mac Games about an article first released back in 1984. A behind the scenes look at the ID world and wondrous games we've played.  It's an enjoyable and historic read for all ID / Wolfenstein / Doom fans from the era!  [IMG]  [GAMASUTRA]

Question of the day!
Am I the only one here with Doom for the Atari Jaguar? :D

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Zombies !

Being the biggest fan of zombie movies (and the games) for far too many years now, I was glad to find my Christmas presents hiding in the TV cupboard earlier today!  Four classics: Diary Of The Dead, The Zombie Diaries, Zombie Honeymoon and Zombie Strippers.  Ohhh yeah!!

Yep, they've been in here since Christmas day and I'd forgotten all about them..  So I think it's time to watch one today?  I've already enjoyed the Resident Evil Trilogy (brilliant!!) and now I've got four more to go.  What a darn good find  :D

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A-Team !

Because I live on another planet, I've missed out on a wondrous fact - there's going to be a remake of the A-Team!!  My God this could be awesome or it could be terrible..

The A-Team was (is!) an awesome tv show. It had it all; action, guns, adventure, humor, characters, cars, explosions and more.  This was the perfect show - for the boys!   I think Mr. T would still make a great B.A. Baracus, even today, but as an alternative how about Ving Rhames?  Definitely a great choice imho.  I hope this does work, I'd hate my childhood memories ruined by a crappy remake!

Memories? What am I talking about, I've got every episode on DVD :-)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

iLife '09

Ignoring the snoozefest that was Macworld '09 I was personally happy to see the new iLife details. For me, only iMovie and iWeb hold any interest. I'd normally include iPhoto too, but I've upgraded to the awesome Aperture 2. So I don't care!

iMovie is a great application to break into humble video editing, I've learned and gained confidence with last years version. I'm happy to see improvements like precision editing, smoothing a shaky frames, maps, themes and better drag & drop. Not forgetting animated titles, new transitions, and cinema-quality video effects. OMG I cannot wait to install this!

iWeb drives my two websites, AppleCrypt and the new TravelCrypt. Nice names, eh?  Apple appears to have added lots of sharing type content with support of RSS, YouTube, iSight and Facebook. Due to having a real life I don't really take any interest in YouTube, but I might actually log back into my old Facebook account as this could come in handy. I'm going to be very interested in what other features and improvements Apple have incorporated into iWeb, this is a great program that I use almost daily.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Anyone care to join me in a crazy game of Interstate Racing sometime? (aka IS82)

It's a Battlefield 1942 total conversion mod that completely and utterly changes the game into a mad, zany multiplay driving game. There's often little racing, just people messing about doing stunts and wacko driving tactics. As you can see from my screen shot - a fantastic laugh!

FWIW. I'll have IS82 for download at AppleCrypt Mods this coming weekend. It will be latest release plus lots of extra maps thrown in for good measure! If you cannot wait, check out IS82 now..

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lights Camera Action

We've just become the proud owners of a new camcorder, well, it's our first actually. It's a JVC GZ-MS100 model with SD ram cards rather than tapes, drives, discs or whatever. It's light, small and the battery lasts forever. Even better, we're getting "DVD" quality at 720x576. Sweet!

Hardly "HD", I know.. But my olde Power Mac G5 cannot supposedly handle the codec, due to being a PPC model rather than a spanky new Intel Mac (thanks Apple!).  Not bothered too much, probably couldn't afford an HD camcorder anyhow lol

The main purpose for it is recording our daughter as she grows up plus also our travels around the globe. Should come in handy for our American road trip later in the year.  Talking of road trips, check out my new travel blog - The TravelCrypt (nice name) ;-)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Found this great image on the web! lol
Anyhow, happy new year for 2009 everyone !!!!!