St George’s Church .. Iraq

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Coming back from an awesome road trip vacation in America is always hard. Why does everything here in England now seem so .. crap and expensive!? And how come people seem rude and foul mouthed too? Hmm weird...

Anyhow, I've signed up with Flickr and I'm editing many of my road trip snaps and uploading them for all to see. I love photography and the keen amateur in me is making full use of this excellent website. I just wish my upload speeds where faster!

I'll still be using my web gallery at Apple's MobileMe, so now I am able to pollute two areas on the web all at the same time! lol. Please check me out @ Flickr and MobileMe. Also, I shall be blogging the entire month-long trip at my TravelCrypt website but this will take me AGES due to having other commitments. So keep yer eyes peeled on it!

For all those worried about the future of my Mac/fps/mods website, AppleCrypt Mods. Please don't be! It's not dead and I still have plans for future updates. Please remember that I'm a family man now (with another baby on the way!) so my Mac time is now sadly limited. But updates will come, again, keep yer eyes peeled on this site also!

For what it's worth, all my sites support RSS, making them easy for anyone to follow without having to manually check them out yourself. Go grab a copy of the freeware program 'NetNewsWire' and you'll soon see the benefits of RSS feeds :-)