St George’s Church .. Iraq

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


bleak by Steve_Gregory
bleak, a photo by Steve_Gregory on Flickr.

This is an image that I shot because the scene looked so empty, so alone, so dead, so barren .. I just really liked the emptiness of it! Perhaps I was in a depressive mood? ;o)

Ok, so I went to work in Aperture 3 by remove the colour, increasing contrasts and adding a nice square crop.

I then imported that version into Photoshop and added a nice grungy layer that had a gold/metal look to it.... Basically, something gritty with a nice colour that I personally liked.

I then reduced the textures opacity as it was way too strong and then i added another layer on top of it - this was a duplicate copy of the main image which was set to 'screen' and reduced its opacity also until it looked just right, without highlighting everything OTT.

Saved ... and hey-presto Aperture 3 has the new version already for the final adjustment in the BorderFX plugin. I thought a humble frame would be best....

I really wanted to emphasise the bleak loneliness of the harsh landscape within this image. A grungy / metal'ish texture fitted the bill just right.

I hope you like :-)