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Sunday, February 22, 2009


This post is to simply let all the fans of Battlefield 1942, and all visitors to AppleCrypt Mods, that I'm about to post a wonderful (and very large) addition to our archive.

Get ready for the ultimate collection of every single player / coop map for Battlefield 1942 that has ever been made!!

We're talking around 2.3GB and I'm 99.9% positive that I've collected everything that's ever been released. That's everything, ever! From day one of the games release too today, Sunday February 22nd 2009. This is a fine collection indeed, an ultimate collection for one of the best Mac games.

I've uploaded all the files to our ftp server, which are split RAR's.  So grab yourself a copy of a freeware program like UnRARx or Stuffit Expander from However, I'm juggling my limited time here, amongst working on the web page, doing housework and entertaining our baby girl!

So give me a few more hours to update AppleCrypt Mods with the new details! :-)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Virus worries ?

Okay, there seems to be a few Mac owners that are worrying themselves silly about trojans, worms and other virus infections.

The answer is don't.

Simply make sure you have your in-built firewall turned on along with the firewall that's configurable within your router's settings. That's the main done already!

Secondly, always make sure you run Apple's Software Update as often as possible. This can be set to run automatically at regular intervals.

Next, stay clear of dodgy websites like Pirate Bay and many others. If you want something - save up and buy it!  (or google for a freeware alternative).

Why take the chance that your stolen download, from a torrent server or other file sharing website, is the legit thing? The recent issues with people ripping off Apple's excellent iWork is proof of this but the sad thing is that it's such an affordable purchase! Hardly M$ Office or Photoshop and there are even FREE alternatives like Open Office.. No excuses!

In fact, never install something that you didn't personally download yourself from a legit site like or direct from the author's website!

It's all about common sense folks. You've already made the right choice by not buying a Windows based PC so why risk deliberately infecting your Mac?

IF you must install virus protection software then I'd personally advice that you do not consider Norton AntiVirus. It'll do a great job of slowing down your Mac and others have complained about conflicts and crashes. Intego's VirusBarrier is a better choice BUT even this slows down your Mac.

Interestingly, I scanned my hard drives recently and we're talking around 2 million files spread over 3TB's of disk space dating back from 2003.  Zero viruses found! Think about it...

However, I do recommend you try out the freeware program ClamAV as it's a cool little app that doesn't slow down your computer too much. Though please make sure that you read all the information associated with it first.

I have ClamAV installed now...
...of course, it also has found zero viruses! ;-)

Bottom line, if you're gonna be an idiot and download illegal software or visit dodgy porn sites then what do you expect is gonna happen to your lovely Apple Mac? Happy computing!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Trailer Park Boys

I've recently discovered this incredible new show on Paramount Comedy channel.

It's Canadian and based at a fictiona trailer park in Nova Scotia. It's kinda reminding me of the awesome show My Name is Earl but with the extra zaniness of an English made sitcom. This is a great show!

Apparently, it's been running since 2001 and the final season was made about a year ago. But, that's UK television for you. Late, as always!

Of course, someone will tell me it's been running for years on another channel... So I shall get out from this box and say a big thank you to the Paramount channel for airing this show. Also, I have set my cable box to record every episode! :-)

For more information, see the official homepage and click onto channel 132 if you're also on Virgin Media's cable.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Here's a great game that's recently been updated, it's called Glest and it's a wonderful 3D RTS game - that's totally FREE!

There, I knew the word 'free' would get your attention!

Play against your fellow Mac gamers online or in a single player that is similar to Myth or Dungeon Siege.

You can take full control of either two factions; tech which are mainly warriors and mechanical devices or magic which are mages able to summon up other creatures.

The graphics are lovely and Glest plays quite similar to many other RTS favorites, like the Warcraft series for example.  However, it's quite sad that I am really bad at this game - lol - but I still loved it! For more info, click here for the Glest homepage.

For the Macintosh download - click here!

For information on other excellent games that are also free, please visit my website AppleCrypt Mods :-)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hard Drives

A quick question for the hardware techies out there!

I've got an old Dual 2GHz Power Mac G5 from 2003 with a couple of internal SATA drives. Now, we're coming up to 6 years old here and I'm getting a little worried about these dying on me!

I'm seeing many different hard drives at places like Amazon and they're usually SATA2 versions. A little googling tells me I can use these inside my G5 but, is this true?

Is this a simple case of ripping out the old and slapping in the new using the current connections?

See, simple question! Thanks in advance :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

AppleCrypt Mods

I'm making this quick post for three real old games, Carmageddon, Duke Nukem 3D and Wolfenstein 3D.  Yep, that's right, AppleCrypt Mods even has mods and single player maps for these dinosaurs.  Actually, I take that back as these are three Mac classics!

Okay, this is a big mixture of stuff. Firstly, with Carmageddon you can expect various mods such as new cars, naughty billboards, power-ups, Spice Girls, Splat Pack enablers, Mac utilities and more!

Duke Nukem comes with some nifty Mac utilities, a couple of mods and a couple of total conversions too. I'm sure Duke fans will love this collection so much!

Finally, Wolfenstein 3D has many Mac utilities and lots & lots of single player maps for you to enjoy! I spent months making this collection, okay it's years old now but there's some awesome maps here folks!

Now dig out those old Macs and enjoy these golden oldies :-)  Here are the links :

Remember, tell everyone with a Apple Mac and a love of fps gaming about AppleCrypt Mods!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

Must admit to being new to American football, but I've been watching our recording of yesterdays Super Bowl and I loved it! I still prefer Baseball and Nascar over the NFL but it's a start. Why are American sports so great? So much atmosphere and action - MORE! MORE !