St George’s Church .. Iraq

Saturday, August 31, 2013

hutton roof crags

hutton roof crags by AppleCrypt
hutton roof crags, a photo by AppleCrypt on Flickr.

I like a good panoramic shot and my iPhone 5 comes in handy a lot of the times. However, I find most panos quite hard on the eyes so I hope I've done this one pretty well? I think so :]

Friday, August 23, 2013

melon muncher

melon muncher by AppleCrypt
melon muncher, a photo by AppleCrypt on Flickr.

My simplest flickr upload in a while : I basically cropped it and added a little contrast. Then smoothed out the noise using Topaz DeNoise (high iso).

Taken in Williamson Park's Butterfly House which is in Lancaster, England.

It's got three names (see flickr) too, the funniest being a Large Tree Nymph Butterfly. Well, I thought it was funny lol

Saturday, August 17, 2013


bliss by AppleCrypt
bliss, a photo by AppleCrypt on Flickr.

You see, it is possible to polish a t#rd after all. One rushed, badly taken capture on my iPhone and it was about to go in the trash can.

Wait, I thought... lets try a little photoshop magic and see what happens.... Not bad in the end.

On flickr - view large and press the L key. I actually think it's pretty darn cool now.