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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Babes, Fights, Zombies and then a movie!

My first posting for a long while - I'm impressed I could stay clear of blogging for so long! ;)

We've recently watched the latest Resident Evil flick. I completely love the games and I've had this DVD here for far too long.  Finally, we got to watch it last night and I was hoping it was going to be every bit as good as the second movie. Thankfully, we was definitely not disappointed!

What a fantastic, fast action paced, sci-fi, gore-fest this was! The action was intense all the way through with some amazing special effects thrown in for good measure. Never a dull moment and we'd both recommend watching RE3.

If I had to be picky then I'd have wanted more from Claire Redfield, she was a big name in the games of course but (as a gamer) I felt a little let down by her position in the film.  Also, the movie's ending could have been... well... a little longer.  After all the amazing stunts and sexy fight scenes throughout the entire film, the ending was a little weak.

Well, nothing is perfect. Right? I'm looking forward to the next Resi flick along with the next Milla Jovovich project too. (I'm in the mood to re-watch the Ultraviolet and Fifth Element again!!)

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