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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

AppleCrypt Mods vote !

I decided to make my first poll for my website 'AppleCrypt Mods'. Due to the ongoing upgrade from dotMac to MobileMe, I still cannot update the actual content. So, I thought I'd create this little poll while I was bored..

Is AppleCrypt Mods a site that you use a lot? We're feeling a little bit lonely and wonder just how many people bookmarked us and visit regular. It sometimes seems Mac gaming is dying a slow death, which is very backward considering how many Macs are being sold compared to recent years!

So are there many players out t
here modding their favourite fps game???

Leave your comments too ! :-)

Feeling lonely
How often do you visit AppleCrypt Mods
every other day
whenever i remember!
i hardly ever visit here...
never, this is my first & only visit
i hate AppleCrypt Mods
i've no interest in this site. How did I get here? lol
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