St George’s Church .. Iraq

Saturday, March 17, 2012


cozy by Steve_Gregory
cozy, a photo by Steve_Gregory on Flickr.

Trying my hands at a little macro photography today as I "found" my magnifier lenses after months of searching!

It's a simple pack that I bought of ebay from a good friend of mine. Inside it has 4 lenses: x1, x2, x4 and a might x10

I don't know the technology behind all this but you cannot use wide apertures when you start to macro in on your subject. The depth of field becomes massive compared to usual and very foggy too..

So my pics where taken today using f5.6 - f8. If somebody wants to explain why then I'd love to know!

Ok, this pic wasn't cropped, it's basically sooc except for an increase in brightness and I added one click of contrast too.

Pretty cool, even if I say so myself! :-)

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