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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Incredible iPhone 4


Having an old 2003 model Power Mac has meant many things over the years. Firstly, I had an awesome (if expensive) computer for a few years!

This beast ran everything and ran it FAST. Unfortunately things do change and computers get 'slower' lol

Life changes also and today I'm with a beautiful woman, amazing kids and a horrid mortgage! So long story cut short there's no change of a new Mac anytime soon.

I've loved photography for years and now I'm left to struggle along with an ageing computer running a wonderful (if out of date) app called Aperture.

So where is all this nonsense leading?

The Apple iPhone 4. Wow, this mobile device is so awesome!! Finally, after years of putting up with Sony & Nokia, I've a piece of equipment that actually works!!! And works so well too.

I've discovered lots of wonderful photography apps on the AppStore. All with their own unique styles to get a different perspective from your shots.

This image is an old shot i made using a Fuji compact camera. It was taken during our American road trip to a ghost town called Texon, in West Texas. The HDR was done on the iPhone using an app called Dynamic Light. Incredible results!

There are a wedge of other apps too, try: PhotoWizard, PictureShow, PhotoStudio, Camera+ and Camtastic. (Camtastic is my main iPhone camera app).

Needless to say, it might be a little weird to edit your images on the iPhone, at first. But you will get great results whilst you saving for your new computer :)

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