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Saturday, July 18, 2009

(BF1942) 1861: The American Civil War

Hello everyone & welcome to the only AppleCrypt Mods webpage that you should bookmark. I will have the old URL "" for a few more months but the domain name should expire around September '09. I cannot afford to keep buying this...

Anyhow, here is the new webpage of AppleCrypt Mods! If you've read the short piece I wrote on my (old) homepage then you'll know I'm going to make all posts right here on blogspot as it's easier and less time consuming - for me! So keep coming back here :-)

Okay, here is a mod for Battlefield 1942 called The American Civil War. I've included the info within the zip file and it works with three maps in single player / coop mode. They are : Battle of the Crater, Battle of the Wilderness and Fort Fisher (I liked this one the best!).

Remember to read the Mac docs that i've added into the zip.

Download link here. Click all the images below for bigger versions, but you knew that already. Right? ;p

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