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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My "Killing Floor", a UT2004 server

A quick post to let all know about my 'Killing Floor' game server.

It's a Unreal Tournament 2004 server running the total conversion mod 'Killing Floor'. This is a classic game aimed at action / zombie fans everywhere! You are all welcome to grab a shotgun and join us for a game sometime.

If you don't have this fantastic game installed, then you can download it from AppleCrypt Mods right now. If you'd like to visit the KF homepage then click here.

My server is simply called "Strider's KF Server" and it will be listed within the game's browser with all the others. It's running most evenings (GMT) during a typical weekday and also at various times over the weekends. (except this coming weekend - we're too busy!)

Join us, there's plenty of spare shotguns to go around :-)

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