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Friday, April 4, 2008

feeling a little sad

This year, April is a strange month for us both. It's the first time in a long while that we cannot afford to visit America and have one of our fantastic road trip adventures. We are sad to think that this time last year we was in Las Vegas and began our vacation by heading south through Arizona and California... The previous year we started in Houston and enjoyed the start of that vacation traveling through central Texas heading west into New Mexico.

Sigh.... Happy times! Okay this year is very different due to our new family addition, our very own little baby girl. Life's changed so much and we're both very happy, but a little tiny part of us is still missing America!

The picture above is obviously from the Grand Canyon, taken last year just before we started an awesome day on Arizona's section of Route 66. This is an amazing part of the Mother Road and we got to visit many touristy places, like the Grand Canyon Caverns and many towns like Peach Springs, Hackberry, Truxton, and eventually Kingman.

Amazing times. We hope to go back sometime in 2010, possibly a road trip vacation of the state of Texas this time? Our fingers are crossed :-)

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